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                Beijing Kwinbon Biotechnology CO., LTD.  
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                Subway&Bus: Take on the Subway Line 13 and get off at LongZe station. Change to bus 19 and get off at DongCheng detention house. Kwinbon is in the south. Take on the bus19, chang22 or chang 22 zhi and get off at DongCheng detention house.
                Car: Drive to North River exit on Badaling expressway(from south to north ) and then enter into Badaling bypass. Drive north along the motorway for 1.5km and turn to the east (turn to the right) at Dingfuhuangzhuang Bridge keeping on going 1km at Beijing international information industry base. Turn left at the first cross and keep going to a T-junction. Beijing Kwinbon is on the left.  
                Kwinbon Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.
                Add: No.8, High Ave 4, Huilongguan International Information Industry Base, Changping District, Beijing 102206, China.
                Tel: +86-10-80700520-8811
                Fax: +86-10-80700525
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